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   I AM offering several different services under the umbrella of Divinity's Light providing flexibility based on your needs.

Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed  

    The Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed, created by Shinondon of Indigo Metalworks, is a multifaceted machine that combines several different modes of healing into a combined meditation experience. The QR Bed utilizes 7 natural quartz crystals that have been precision cut into a tapered, double terminated shape known as Vogel cut crystals. The crystals we use are 33-sided giving 99 facets for light and frequency to travel through. In numerology, 33 is a master number for healing so the healing capabilities already present in quartz are maximized. The crystals sit in orgonite holders that contain Mobius coils which provide a balanced magnetic field. Orgonite is a substance, generally made up of powdered quartz, metals such as copper, and polymer resin that is two fold in its capabilities, both "scrubbing" negative energy in the area around it and channeling life force energy where it is needed. The orgonite also contains LED lights which project both colored and white light through the crystals which provides the color therapy aspect. A grade 2 laser is also positioned to beam into each crystal, with the availability to change the frequency of this laser beam the waves traveling through the crystal can target specific physical ailments. This use of frequency provides another layer of customization to your experience allowing you to get targeted healing. While the crystals are positioned above you, below you transducers mounted to the massage table transform sound into vibration. These vibrations correlate to the audio track you listen allowing you to feel what you hear. The vibrations also encourage the release of cellular debris, not to mention the energizing and relaxing effect they have upon the body. Finally, you listen to audio tracks that have been mastered with binaural beats. These inaudible beats activate the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously and encourage communication between the respective hemispheres. All these elements come together to aid your being in living to your highest potential. As Shinondon describes, the crystal bed creates the ideal environment for your cells to properly replicate DNA which is the essential for performing cell functions. Our DNA is the key code to our higher selves; when it is replicated properly and in perfect health, our bodies and beings reflect that perfection into the world.

IES AuraCloud 3D

    My newest tool is the IES AuraCloud 3D created by Inneractive. This technology utilizes a sensor to take surface skin temperature and electro-dermal measurements and renders the data into a beautiful 3D simulation of one's aura and chakra activity. With several different suites, we can see not only your aura both around the head and in a full body simulation but also your chakra activity, aura size, body-mind-spirit balance, and read about your personality based on aura color. The experience of seeing your own aura and chakra activity has the potential to be life changing allowing you to learn about your energy and it is fun! Empowered with the knowledge that your aura is particular colors allows for new possibilities in color therapy such as wearing your personality color or decorating your home or bedroom with this color. We can also coordinate color to essential oils for aromatherapy, crystals, and even jewelry that match and amplify your auric energy. We can also focus healing on any chakras that are blocked or overactive using Reiki healing, crystals, scents... the possibilities are endless! I am attuned to Reiki level 2 which allows me to channel universal life force energy both in person and from afar. Utilizing the Reiki Tips, we can watch the Reiki energy as it flows from my hands and how it effects your aura. We can also explore the aura of your furry friends using AuraPet (cats and dogs only). Feature the AuraCloud 3D at your next party, luau, or corporate event for a fun way to interact and learn more about your guests or coworkers! Fill out the "Contact" page for event quotes.

Reiki & Crystal Healing

    As I mentioned above, I am also Reiki attuned, currently a level 2 Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a healing practice of channeling life force energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, Orgone etc.) into the body to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. This practice comes from Master Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist who experienced a profound revelation after practicing a lengthy meditation. Echoing the enlightenment story of Gautama Buddha, it is said that after a month of fasting meditation at the top of a mountain, Usui received a flash of the Reiki symbols and an instantaneous knowing of how to apply his hands and these symbols upon others to deliver healing. The practice of "laying on of hands" dates back thousands of years and was practiced by Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ among others. During a Reiki session, I channel the Reiki energy into the receiver's body to bring about healing. As a level 2 practitioner, I can also perform distance healing to provide healing regardless of location or time. In addition, I can also incorporate crystals into the Reiki session by creating a crystal grid on the body to bring the healing energies of various crystals into the body. 

    In addition, I also create crystal jewelry for energetic upliftment. I combine crystals, gemstones, and natural elements such as seashells together based on their metaphysical or energetic properties. I then wire wrap them together in a combination of copper, silver and gold to create beautiful pendants, rings or bracelets to bring the energies into one's field. I bathe each piece in light from the sun, the full moon and reiki to give it the highest vibrations. 

Divination: Tarot & Oracle Cards 

    If you desire guidance from the non-physical realm, I also practice the art of divination through the Tarot and Oracle cards. The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that has been used for divination for about 300 years. The cards are divided into Major and Minor Arcana with the minor arcana having 4 suits similar to the 52 card deck. The Tarot cards each carry metaphorical meanings and can provide guidance when directed towards particular issues or life situations. Oracle cards are based on the same principles of the Tarot but often allow for more flexibility in their messages. I have several different decks, each with beautifully illustrated images and messages.

Yoga & Flow Arts Instruction

   I am a 200hr trained traditional yoga instructor and 30hr aerial yoga trained instructor. I received the 200hr training from Power Yoga Works of Malvern, PA in the Baptiste power vinyasa tradition which I completed in 2014. In 2016, I took part in a 30hr teacher training with Lei Lei DeKirby of Levity Aerial Yoga, one of the few Yoga Alliance certified aerial yoga trainings available. Aerial yoga utilizes a loop of fabric, known as a hammock, to suspend various parts of the body during the yoga practice. Varying from gentle stretching to core building and inverted postures, aerial yoga is a blend of traditional yoga and aerial dance giving the practioner deep stretches and a great workout.

   I also offer private and group classes in flow arts, specifically hula hooping, fans and poi. I began hula hooping in summer of 2010 after attending my first music festival. Dance has always been part of my life, but seeing the beauty of a dancer with a hoop reignited my passion for dance, not to mention the great exercise it provides and the movement of kundalini energy. I have performed with professional groups throughout the years and taught classes at festivals and yoga studios. I have gained skills with multiple hoops, fans, poi, staff and rope dart, as well as with fire performance and safety. You may contact me for private performance (fire or LED light), flow art instruction and/or fire safety instruction via the "Contact" page.  

Visionary Art 

   Creativity is unbounded and moves in all directions. I began wire wrapping crystals and other earth elements in 2012 and have created a range of artistic jewelry. I have images of available jewelry under the "Art" tab and welcome custom jewelry requests. In addition, I carry a range of scared space tapestries and pillows from the visionary artist, Pumayana. Aurelien Pumayana Floret is a French-born, Australia based graphic artist who creates visionary artwork connecting us to the world of the unseen. His blend of color, sacred geometry, fractals, and spirit a not only beautiful to behold but also strengthen our connection to the divine creator. These artworks have the capacity to inspire, soothe, and energize the space they grace, raising the vibration of you and your environment. It is my hope that his art will grace your home, meditation space, healing center or office, connecting you to your higher self and creative potential. Please click the "Art" tab above to see my current inventory or go to to view his full catalog. If you would like me to order a particular artwork for you, please fill out the "Contact" form with the artwork you desire and size you would like.

Sacred Space

   Make your home blissful with intention and love with the use of Crystal Journey Candles. These handmade candles come with wonderful scents and guide you to how to take full advantage of the power of each candle. As you bathe in the sweet aromas, center yourself in the beauty of your surroundings and focus on the flame and your intention. Candles are available for purchase in the "Shop".

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