Blue Kyanite, Star Sapphire & Faceted Ice Blue Tourmaline x2 in .925 Sterling Silver & 14/20 Gold Fill

1.5"H x 0.75'W x 0.5" D

Blue kyanite works with the third eye chakra, opening psychic channels and can even strengthen telepathic abilities. It can also be used when sleeping to enhance lucid dreaming and if worked with for a longer period of time, can help one to become conscious in waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. Blue sapphires are also psychic activators and help to align the third eye with the throat so psychic visions can be expressed. Associated with the planet Saturn, sapphires also emphasize order and structure so the wearer doesn't get psychically lost or detached from reality. Blue tourmaline falls right in line with these two in being another throat/third eye stone and psychic activator, it can help the wearer to connect to ancestors or spirit guides. This would be a great pendant for anyone hoping to increase thier psychic abilities, work as a medium, channel, or any other spiritual healing work.


*OOAK- this is a one-of-a-kind piece but if you would like something similar, please place a "Custom Wire Wrap" order and include the name of this piece for reference


***Pendant will come with a 20" black cord. If you would like an 20" sterling silver snake chain, please also order "Sterling Silver Chain" from the shop main page 


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  • Jewelry Care

    To keep your new wire wrap looking bright & shiny, please use a 2-piece polishing cloth like this one. With the inner cloth, focus on the wire aspects only. Use the outer cloth to shine the whole piece. 

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