Forest Jasper with Chrome Diopside in .925 Sterling Silver, 14/20 Rose Gold Fill & Copper 

1.75"H x 0.8"W x 0.5"D 

Forest jasper connects one heart to the planetary heart and encourages one to work towards planetary healing. This stone encourages the wearer to release patterns of excess such as overeating and drinking alcohol while encouraging behaviors that connect one to nature such as conscious eating and hiking. Chrome diopside also connects one to the earth through the connection to the earthstar chakra (below the feet in the etheric body). Forging this strong connection to the earth brings all the chakras into alignment, helping one to give and receive love from all beings in and on this planet.   


*OOAK- this is a one-of-a-kind peice but if you would like something similar, please place a "Custom Wire Wrap" order and include the name of this peice for reference 


***Pendant will come with a 20" black cord. If you would like an 20" sterling silver snake chain, please also order "Sterling Silver Chain" from the shop main page


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  • Jewelry Care

    To keep your new wire wrap looking bright & shiny, please use a 2-piece polishing cloth like this one. With the inner cloth, focus on the wire aspects only. Use the outer cloth to shine the whole piece. 

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