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   How does one recognize the light and love of the Divine? We begin by seeing that we ourselves are the Divine Light in the here and now. We are a manifestation of spirit into matter, the one expressed as many. We are HUE-MAN, a being made of color and light. As we rediscover our body, minds and emotions as expressions of the creative force within all beings, we can see that everything seen and unseen, known and unknown is part of this creative force as well. This is where we begin our healing journey, a journey that rejoins all the fragments of our souls and sees everything as divinity.


   All that I offer you are ways to see with your physical eyes the Divine Light and to aid you to increase the amount of light your body, mind and emotions can express. I AM Gina Neeley and I AM a wayshower in this new paradigm of unity and 5D consciousness. Like many others, my youth was dualistic, filled with love and inspiration as well as trauma and pain. Though I have always felt a connection to the Divine and an affinity for the spiritual, I have experienced an undeniable call to serve others since 2005 while still in high school. After completing a yoga teaching certification and BA in Philosophy in 2013, I recognized that working for a rigid system would never fulfill me and that a spiritually inspired way of being is my truest reality. Around this time, I, along with my husband Chad, initiated myself into studies of Hermetic philosophy, crystal science, divination, and the laws of this universe. I began to find my place at this time by recognizing that I AM often in interactions that call upon my higher self to share knowledge I have gained through my studies and interests. With Christ as our guide, we are walking a path of peace, respect and love for all beings. As a Reiki practitioner, crystal guide, and intuitive, I utilize tools that aid you to see the unique blueprint within you and to express your highest potential in every moment. 

Andromeda by Pumayana

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